Private Well Inspections

A private well inspection can be done any time, for any reason.

(Here’s a quick link to the inspection form, updated 11-15-23.)

Most folks order a well inspection/water test because a bank wants proof that the water is safe to drink – and that there’s enough of it.

Our operators are fully licensed for public water systems, and we’re trained and experienced with Idaho DEQ and EPA guidelines for water quality. Plus, we’re a disinterested third party. That means we have no interest in whether your water is clean, or whether your system needs repairs. This adds a layer of trust in the results of your inspection and water testing.

But maybe you want to know if your water is safe to drink. If you live near farms, you may be worried about Nitrates. Or, there may be issues with Arsenic in your water.

When you schedule a well and water system inspection and/or water quality testing, you’ll receive an in-depth evaluation. We’ll explain what each test means, and offer suggestions on how to fix any problems that are detected.


Prices can be found on the inspection request form, but briefly:

Local Inspection: $165 (Within about 30 minutes of Twin Falls)

Remote Inspection: $265 (More than 30 minutes from Twin Falls)

Repeat Sample Fee: $75 (If for some reason I have to make a second trip onsite – basic fee to cover drive time)

Coliform (basic potability): $48

Arsenic: $80

Lead: $80

Nitrate: $48

Nitrite: $44

Rush fee: $100 (Some sample results take 2-4 weeks for results, but sometimes the lab can add rush processing for a fee.)

Shock disinfection / Flush / Resample: $400 (If the coliform test comes back positive, and you need to treat the water. $150 discount available if the client flushes the disinfectant out of the system.)

Short trip discount: If you only need a basic potability (coliform) and productivity (flow test), a special discount may be available. Not available with well or pump inspections. Subject to availability based on drive time and existing scheduling.

Price changes: Lab fees are subject to occasional changes. Invoice will reflect the most recent fees from the water testing lab.

Please contact me for details.

How it works

Fill out the inspection request form, then email it to us. (You can print it and scan it, or take a photo with your smartphone, or use the print dialog to print to a pdf file.)

Once we receive the request, we’ll email you a confirmation, an invoice, and an estimated time frame for scheduling. If you aren’t paying at closing, you’ll need to pay the invoice before we can schedule service.

When I get there I’ll need access to a bathtub, the well controls (usually near the water heater), and either a frostproof hydrant or several faucets inside the house.

(If I can take a sample from the bathtub, it lowers the chances of a false-positive for coliform tests.)

Once I’m done, I’ll drop the samples at the lab. Coliform tests are usually ready in 24-48 hours, other tests take about 3 weeks (unless we pay a fee for rushed service).

Once the results come back, I’ll send you copies of the lab reports and inspection reports. If you need something that’s not on the list (like a letter stating that Idaho DEQ doesn’t regulate water quality for domestic wells), just let me know.

For more info~

Additional testing is available. Please contact us for pricing, or if you have any questions.