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My name is David Koffer, and I run Walker Water Quality.

My grandad. Gene Walker, started Walker Water Systems in 1947. He and Fred Walker were some of the best and most respected water well drillers in the Pacific Northwest.

I grew up troubleshooting pumps and water wells. And family dinner discussions often revolved around groundwater.

I am licensed as a Drinking Water Distribution Operator, license # DWDVSWS-20768.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing, which is especially helpful if you want to understand what’s happening with your water (or your water system).

My family includes a sweet little chihuahua rescued from a mean old lady. Some of my hobbies are baking bread, cooking, and i’ve been known to take the occasional karate or yoga class.

The best way to reach me is email: walkerwaterquality@gmail.com

I promise I’m not judging your spelling and grammar.