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Website: This website is frequently checked for accuracy of information. However, the website is provided as-is with no implied guarantee or warranty.

No data is collected through this website. If you use the Inspection Request Form to submit an inspection request, your data is used only to communicate with you and to provide the services requested. No data is given away or sold.

Payment Provider: Invoices are generated electronically through Stripe. An invoice may be paid by mailing a check to the following address:

Walker Water Quality
PO Box 2985
Twin Falls, ID 83303

Invoices may also be paid online, using the Stripe payment platform. No personal data is collected or stored on this website. However, Stripe does collect and use personal data in order to process your payment. The full terms of Stripe’s data policy can be found at the following links:




Services: The owner of Walker Water Quality represents that they hold a current, valid license as a Drinking Water Distribution System operator for Very Small Systems.

Water testing services are guaranteed to be performed according to industry best practices. Water testing results are interpreted based on Idaho legal code, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality regulations, and Environmental Protection Agency standards. No guarantee can be made with regard to the outcome of water tests.

Basic potability typically refers to a Total Coliform and E. Coli test. It is your responsibility, as the requester, to understand the requirements of a transaction and request any additional tests that may be required by a lender or buyer. If you have questions, we can help you determine the most applicable tests.

Each water test analyzes a water sample for a single substance. You may request testing for as many different substances in the water as you wish. Each test will be a separate line-item on the invoice.

For public water systems, a water testing schedule is posted on the IDEQ Public Water Switchboard. We keep track of test schedules to ensure that public water systems are fully compliant with IDEQ regulations.

Inspections are performed and reported according to water well and pump technician industry best practices. In some cases, some tests may not be available. This is typically due to safety hazards at the well location or lack of access to facilities. In these cases, we’ll give our best effort to provide as much data as can be collected.

Flow tests, sometimes called productivity tests, are performed with the equipment available onsite. The test runs for approximately 10 minutes, and is measured through the fixtures that are available. This is sufficient to measure the approximate flow and pressure delivered by the well and water system. Any other tests on the well, such as drawdown, static water level, or pitot-tube testing, are not included.

Payment: Payment is generally due within 10 days of receipt of invoice, unless a due diligence or other date is arranged for. A 60-day grace period may be granted to complete payment arrangements, such as in the case of a real estate closing.

Invoices more than 60 days past due may accrue late fees of $25 per calendar month.

NSF and returned check fees: A $35 fee may be applied to any invoice on which a payment is identified as non-payable by a bank. This includes NSF notices on checks, and any other payment methods submitted but which are not collectible.

Collections: Invoices not paid within 6 months may be turned over to a collection agency. Any fees associated with collecting on past-due balances will be added to the balance of the invoice.